1. SAV, being an English Medium School, makes every effort to teach the students to handle English effectively as a written and spoken language. Students must speak only in English in school campus.
  2. The students must come to school on time. Late comers will be sent back.
  3. 75% attendance is compulsory, counting from the day of commencement of teaching up to the last working day before final examination.
  4. Repeated absence without leave application for more than 10 consecutive days renders a student his/her name struck off from the school roll.
  5. On all working days and school functions students should wear the prescribed uniform only.
  6. In any circumstances, the pupil will not be allowed to leave the schoolpremises during regular teaching hours.
  7. Irregular attendance , negligence of homework, discipline, disrespect towards the members of the school staff and immoral influence justifies dismissal.
  8. Damage to school property disfiguring furniture or writing on walls by students are liable to pay a fine.
  9. No student of SAV is allowed to take private tuitions from any of the teacher teaching in SAV.
  10. Pupils themselves are responsible for their own books, belongings by cycle, tiffin or any other article they may bring to school.
  11. Use of cell phones, camera, electronic gadgets in the school campus is strictly prohibited.
  12. Collection for any purpose requires the Principal’s sanction.
  13. Pupil absent in any examination will be considered as absentee and no absentee will be re-examined.
  14. Strict obedience courtesy in ward and deed , cleanliness in dress and person are expected from every pupil.