Development of society through education, to prepare children to became self reliant productive individuals with clarity precision and independence.


  1. Development of an individual, physically, mently and spiritually.
  2. Acquiring the capacities of understanding, appreciation and expression through education.
  3. To make children self confident and selfdepedent.
  4. To develop a sense of nationalidentity and consequent development of society.


Most admired institution which enable to convert challenges to opportunies. SAV Inter College heading towards a deviation from thr conventional system of education. This school having an innovative vision in the field of education.


  • Student council
  • Houses to inculcate spirit of competition and leadership
  • Dramatics, Quiz etc.
  • Social works
  • Balmela
  • Dance competition
  • Sports day
  • Debate competition
  • Speech competition


We care and are humble in our approach and interactions with the people. We treat every child with affection and unconditional love. We strive for excellence and consistently set higher standard of excellence and achieve them.


Education at our school is a combination of participation and interaction, which makes learning meaningful and enjoyable. Home assignments are not a carryover of class work but oriented to ward enhancing individual talents.

Personality Development

The school emphasizes on the overall personality development of the children. This is an area where nothing can be compromised. It decides the future growth of them in a multidimensional level.

Special Features

  1. English medium teaching.
  2. Teaching by well qualified and experienced teachers.
  3. Education will be given as per the guidance to CBSE.
  4. Practical will have more emphasis in the syllabus.
  5. Our school will take care of allround development of the student.
  6. Physical and mental growth shall be own main emphasis and it shall be monitored by experts.
  7. Conveyance facility available.
  8. Homely atmosphere.
  9. Yoga, music, dance and games for the development of the students.
  10. Celebration of special days.

 Form of the Diciplinary measure

  1. Written warning
  2. Fine
  3. Restriction for a specified period
  4. Any student can be issued TC without giving any reason on disciplinary ground

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote the highest standards in all respect of the curriculum by ensuring that all pupils develop their potential.
  2. To encourage learning by providing a well coming, friendly and supportive environment in which human values are central to the ethos of the school and its teaching.
  3. To support all staff by providing opportunities for their professional development.
  4. To promote respect for others and their property.
  5. To promote good working habits and encourage an enquiring mind and discipline.
  6. To offer the children a broad and stimulating- curriculum. So that each child will do the best of his ability.
  7. Learn to use lamguage effectively and inculcate a love of books/literature.
  8. To encourage a positive relationship between home, school and community.
  9. To give support an encouragement when difficulties arise.
  10. To promote international dimensions in the school, that there be equal access and opportunity for all pupils.

 School Manners

  1. Come to school in time
  2. Go for prayer in line
  3. Do not throw papers on the ground
  4. Give to teacher what is found
  5. You must come quite neat and clean
  6. Wish all teachers you meet
  7. Don’t forget to pay your fees
  8. Do your home work everyday
  9. Follow, follow every rule
  10. If you wish to remain in school.


Emphasis shall be given in cultivating good qualities like co- operation, goodwill, for giveness, tolerance, honesty, patience etc. In order to encourage universal brotherhood and to prepare students a worthy citizens of the country.